The Ultralight


Designed for city riders, seeking thrill and style while moving around town. 

Zooz Bikes was created by custom motorcycle builders inspired by the power of technology and the future of cities.

The Urban Ultralight provides a powerful two-wheel experience that blends the best qualities of riding e-bikes while keeping the performance standards of motorcycles.

Zooz is adventure on demand; designed to maximize every inch of fun the urban terrain has to offer without slowing you down.

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"American e-bike company, Zooz Bikes, presents a high performance and lightweight two-wheeler that offers a cleaner way to get around the city. envisioned by three motorcycling friends, the design combines classic lines with a big battery and throttle heavy experience that treads the line between bicycle and motorcycle."
"The Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight electric bike is a featherlight transportation solution that promises to deliver exceptional versatility and style for city-dwelling consumers to take advantage of."
"Dead simple, lightweight, no frills — the Zooz Urban Ultralight could be the Lotus of e-bikes. As the name implies, the Urban Ultralight was designed by motorcycle builders specifically for the demands of urban riding."
"During the COVID-19 lockdown – one of best ways to get around is cycling and if you want to go a long way an electric bike is even better."
"Urban mobility is more than just transportation. You’ve also got to consider storage, and don’t forget about style as well. The Zooz electric bike takes all of these points into consideration, crafting a bike that will get you where you want to go, is easy to store, and looks great."

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Premium Components

Unique Seat and handlebar choice

a closer look

about us

Born in a garage, designed in the cloud and created by a unique group of friends.

Three industry nerds

A veteran product designer, an eccentric fabricator and a tenacious operations guru decided to embark on the exploration of a new way formed a unique twist of talent. With deep roots in motorcycling and adjacent industries, the Zooz project has attracted and activated a small army of doers, makers, creators and enablers.

With something to say about electric

It started with the exploration of an electric two-wheeler in a rundown garage in Chicago. A couple Instagram posts later, a mutual motorcycling friend caught wind. A few conversations, sketches and Google documents later, a new vision/concept/application of a lightweight, electric two-wheeler was rendered.

Prototyped their visions for over two years

The team tested different ideas and vested components in over a dozen prototypes. Zooz Bikes created a product that truly put the rider at the center of every decision.

Then, with a little help of other smart people, ZOOZ was born

Zooz will lead a new vision of personal mobility.  A re-introduction of fun and exploration, location independence 

and an activation the senses through inertia.