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12 weeks down/52 bikes sold!

Posted by Josh Meyer on

Hello Zoozers!

I write to you from quarantine, which is likely the situation you're facing if you're reading this in the first half of 2020. The story has been nothing short of interesting thus far.

We've officially crossed 12 weeks since our store/product/brand launch -- January 22, 2020 was one day after the international news sources began reporting the possibility of a global pandemic with severe implications. This was just a few hours after our suppliers told us that there had been "a disruption in the whole country" and it could delay the order we were on the brink of placing.

We were faced with our first dilemma on launch day -- 14 months worth of dedicated work and investment -- do we go? 

We decided, "what the hell!" We opened the store, posted our media and began our humble PR campaign. Likes, comments and.... sales. We sold 7 bikes in the first 3 days! It was working...

Our strategy is to be able to scale production greatly in the second half of 2020 and through 2021, but in order to do that, we needed to do just a little kick-off -- 50 bikes to get into the hands of ordinary users, document the whole process, build our brand awareness along the way (plus a few more steps) and then we would be off to the races.

After about 3 weeks of opening the Zooz Bikes store, our suppliers were ready to take our order and we were able to pin down some guaranteed shipment dates (and we added some margin for good measure). However, by then we had already sold 23 bikes. We thought.... F'it let's do 100!

Well, we just crossed the 50 bike mark a few days ago and to celebrate, we're going to give TWO bikes away! (details can be found on our instagram page)

For the remaining bikes, they are available in the store on this website. Price has gone up $100 bucks and will continue to climb, especially if we have bikes left over by the time it is ready to ship in June. 

So now is your time to act! Get in touch via email or any of our social channels and we are happy to walk you through any questions or concerns you may have.


Looking forward to the road ahead!


Rip it!

Chris Zahner

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