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April Production Update // Price Increase

Posted by Chris Zahner on


The time has come to begin shipping hundreds of bikes! It's been a long, laborious road getting to this point, so we want to thank all those who've purchased an Urban Ultralight and have also given us their trust and patience. Now comes the reward – receiving this truly unique ebike after months of waiting. We can't wait to watch all your unboxing videos, first ride videos, 100th ride videos, and more!

Some of the earliest purchasers have been waiting as long as six months to receive their bikes, and we have offered a steep discount for that long of a wait. Bikes begin shipping in the next few days, and as we anticipate inventory, we will incrementally increase our prices to the standard price. Yes, the advertised standard price is real and will closing the gap with full transparency.

We believe in being open about everything we communicate to full audiences and one-on-one with the thousands with whom we’ve spoken. Anyone who may be waiting to grab their own Urban Ultralight at the lowest possible price now is the time to do it. We will also be including shipping and tax (to the lower 48-states) into the cost of the bike as soon as we begin to raise the prices – what you see is what you'll pay.

So, prices will go up $200 on April 30th for all models. Technically, this isn't a significant price increase because the $170 for shipping that would have been added will now be free. Then, prices will increase in $100 increments each week beginning May 14th for the following four weeks.

For example:

  • The UU1100 is currently priced at $2500 + $170 shipping.
  • On April 30th, a UU1100 will cost $2700 with free shipping.
  • On May 21st, a UU1100 will cost $2800 with free shipping.
  • On May 28th, a UU1100 will cost $2900 with free shipping.
  • On June 4th, a UU1100 will cost $3000 with free shipping.
  • On June 11th, a UU1100 will cost $3100 with free shipping and will remain at that price so long as we have inventory.

What time in which timezone you may ask? 12:00 (noon) EDT.

A few points we'd like to make:

  • We know these bikes aren't cheap, but they are high quality and unique design. Furthermore, we like to deliver a very high ZOOZER experience. Ask original ZOOZERS in our Facebook group about our attention to detail and attentiveness to their zoozership. For all of that, we feel our prices and the road to get here are very fair. 
  • Prices for materials, parts, shipping, and more are going up. We haven't overinflated our prices; high-quality bikes just cost that much (and a prediction — over the next 12 months you wI’ll watch all ebike prices rise.)
  • There is a good chance we will have gaps in inventory over the next several months. We are producing bikes as fast as we can, but demand is already outpacing supply. If we have a backorder scenario, we will discount the bike $200 for orders that will take over two (2) weeks to ship. We know you have choices and we appreciate you waiting for us, so we acknowledge that this in the pricing — always have. Again, market conditions being what they are. Being to get an ebike on demand in 2021 is going to be difficult, just as they are to produce. Supply and demand. We have had several Zoozers [from the original 2020 batch of 100] sell their bikes for more than they paid (only to purchase another or more from this current batch). Get them while their hot!
  • We are still offering payment plans with partial.ly which will allow you to lock-in prices and give you time to pay off the remaining balance. However, bikes will not ship until they are paid in full. If you’re saving up and can put down a downpayment, now’s the time. 
We also offer two great perks to those who have purchased a bike from us before. 
  1. Affiliates — we make this really easy. Go to partners.zoozbikes.com and apply to become an affiliate. If you have purchased a bike, we will approve you to become an affiliate after your bike ships. Details are explained in the link, but the TLDR version is that you will get a unique discount code, QR code or cookie’d link that will give new purchasers $75 off new bike purchases and you’ll get 3% the bike price. That’s right, we hook you up for making more Zoozers. Some of our original Zoozers have already paid off a bike by doing it. You have a YouTube page that will convert multiple sales?! Well then buy a bike and get to it!
  2. Another perk we offer those who purchase a bike directly (and only) from us will get 20% off all future merch, accessories, and replacement parts. As we release accessories and fun new parts, you will be able to activate special pricing just because you purchased a bike from us before. 

    We want your original ZOOZ bike purchase to be a gift that keeps on giving. That is our true north and we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Are you down to do the same? Because it’s gonna be a fun 2021 and beyond. 

    As always, feel free to contact us with questions you may have.





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