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Thank You, Zoozers!

Posted by Josh Meyer on

Zoozers! -

...has become my first word on numerous video messages that I've sent out to our first Zooz owners over the past couple months. I find myself saying it with more and more enthusiasm each time and right now I'm shouting it in my head.

It has been an incredible ride since we took shipment of hundreds of boxes filled of parts we spec'd and designed, then hand assembling each one and shipping them off to eager Zooz riders -- Zoozers.

I've gotten to speak to many of you over the phone, on Instagram and watch your stories, videos and posts as you have incorporated your Urban Ultralights into your lives. As a "custom motorcycle builder" who never built bikes intended for anyone else but himself, I must say the feeling of creating something that so many people enjoy is truly profound. I'm honored and humbled to have you all riding a Zooz.

Once again, the Zooz team has found themselves on the other end of months of work, preparation and visioneering. This time with a few more members, a couple things to show and a whole lot of momentum. We are so excited to show you the next step of the journey.

Tomorrow morning, we press the launch button for 'Phase 2" -- the Urban Ultralight platform -- with all our hopes and dreams tucked inside. I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey so far, and those who will come on the ride with us. We're just getting started!


- Chris Zahner



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