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We're back!

Posted by Josh Meyer on

Hello Zoozers,


We’ve been in radio silence for almost a year. Last you heard from us, we had just finished an unsuccessful IndieGoGo campaign. Not gonna lie, it worked out to our advantage…

What started out as a project in a garage from a curious custom motorcycle builder, an instigating designer friend and then another friend with the means of fulfillment, Zooz took on a life that we couldn’t ignore.

In late 2018, we quickly mocked up an IndieGoGo campaign just to see what would happen. The numbers on that IGG page don’t look great, but what happened behind the scenes was extraordinary.

An in-pouring of comments, questions and intrigue for our design galvanized what we knew to be true – we were onto something. Messages filled our inboxes; lots of comments, some critique but one statement showed up over and over: “I want one.”

This was our true start. 

Over the past year, we went back to the drawing board. We've built a brand platform, a growth strategy, a robust team and our goals; but our favorite thing to build are bikes.

To date, we've built 13 bikes. I guess you can call those prototypes. We explored different motors, different batteries, various materials, wheel sizes, geometry and lots of components. Then we got to ride them all. Testing different temperatures, terrains, gearing, racing and abuse tests.

What has resulted is a bike that we feel is the perfect partner for exploration, riding with friends, zipping across town or just going for a joy ride. It's light, it's strong, it handles incredibly well, the gearing is right and stops on a dime. Most of all, it's just damn sexy.

We are very excited with what we've come up with and we're even more excited to let you know that you'll be able to own it.

Here are some photos of some prototypes from along the way:



 Chris Zahner, creator and co-founder of Zooz Bikes

Always exploring


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