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ZOOZ inventory // Price increase

Posted by Chris Zahner on


It's been a hell of a ride for the past couple months. Lots of you are eagerly awaiting your pre-orders and we'll begin shipping the next wave of bikes next week!

We know some of you have waited a long time while we navigate the difficulties in the global supply chain, shipping, and more. Soon, the wait will be over - first orders received are the first orders out.

Furthermore, we have hundreds of bikes on the way which means we will have inventory ready to ship in August! It also means that we will be raising the price to full MSRP on August 1st at 7pm EST. You can still get our bikes at the lowest price possible until then! Remember that shipping is included in the price!

Why are prices going up?! Several reasons: 

  • Shipping and logistics costs are 4-5x higher than just one year ago.
  • Battery shipping costs are 8 -10x higher than one year ago.
  • Prices of bike parts, battery cells, and tires are increasing 15-30%.
  • Increased 25% import tariff.
  • Our pre-sale window is coming to a close.  We've offered our pre-sale price for months to customers who have been willing to wait for weeks or months for their bikes, but we're going to be shipping immediately soon, and will be honoring our commitment to our full advertised price.  

We know you have choices of other e-bikes, but ZOOZ Bikes offer a highly refined riding experience, prompt and thorough customer service, (seriously, what other e-bike company gives you their CEO's personal phone number?) and being part of a tight community of other ZOOZERS? Ask them, is it worth it? 

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