UU750 Bikes Zooz Bikes Chrome
UU750 Bikes Zooz Bikes
UU750 Bikes Zooz Bikes
UU750 Bikes Zooz Bikes


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The Ultra Urban 750 is the original ZOOZ experience. Offering the best power-to-weight of the Ultra Urban lineup.

The UU750 features the 2023 version of the classic Ultra Urban frame, a torquey and lightweight, gear-style 48V  hub motor and a 16aH battery. At 55lbs, it's the lighter, sportier version of the Ultra Urban.

The 2023 model year features a signature ZOOZ headlight in the handlebar stem, 2-piece cranks with a 24mm chromoly spindle and as always, great hydraulic brakes.

Charger and number plate are included in the bike box.

Ultra Urban 750

The Lightweight Sport Bike in the Ultra Urban lineup.

The Ultra Urban 750 is the original ZOOZ experience. Offering the best power-to-weight of the Ultra Urban lineup.

Zooz Max Speed
Zooz UU750 Weight
Zooz Expected Range
Zooz UU750 Motor


48V Gear Drive

 Zooz UU750 Battery




Hydraulic Disc F/180mm R/160mm

UU 750 A Plus
Zooz UU750

customize your bike

Number Plate
Vans x Cult Cruiser Grip by CULT CREW
Maxxis Hookworm 24x2.50"

UF Front Rack
UF Rear Rack
2023 UU Front Rack
2023 UU Rear Rack
Number Plate
SURF RACK for ZOOZ BIKES by Moved By Bikes
Urbanator Adjustable Panniers by Bikase Store
Vans x Cult Waffle Grip by CULT CREW
Vans x Cult Cruiser Grip by CULT CREW

Customer Reviews

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u sent me a hotwheels kids bike

Austin Winfield
Zooz Is The Real Deal

Zooz basically created the most fun offering in the world of e-bikes. Classic retro style, infinite customizability, and a total blast to ride. What more could you ask for? Love my 750, would recommend to anyone.

Darion M.
The Perfect City Bike for People who like Fun

I purchased this bike in July 2023, and now in October 2023 (900 miles later), I'm still loving every second of it. I use this bike for commuting and food delivery.

People warned me that it would be bumpy without suspension. They were right, but honestly I don't care, because I just stand up while on bumpy road, and its no different from having a road bike (except it's heavier). I live in Seattle, so the light weight and high torque of this bike was especially attractive for me. This thing crushes hills on 48V, I can only imagine how much easier it's going to be when I upgrade it to 52V. Even on the steepest hills, it van do at least 5 mph with just the throttle! This one has more torque than the UU1100, which was ultimately the deciding factor. Also, at 55 lbs, it just barely meets this city's max limit of 65 lbs for bikes to be mounted on the city bus racks.

The only gripe I have about the bike is the seat gets uncomfortable after more than 10 miles of riding, so that's really the only thing I NEEDED to upgrade. It's a solid friggin' bike, though. I haven't had to repair it yet, and I've taken a few spills already. The brakes and electrical might be a bit cheap, but it 100% works, and pretty reliably so far and the frame, alone, is definitel worth the price. Some of the connectors could probably use a bit of dielectric grease, but I'd say this thing has never left me stranded, even in pouring rain conditions.

I can cruise at 16 or 20 mph on bike trails, or I can merge into regular traffic at 25-28 mph (sometimes up to 32 mph downhill!) Which is incredibly ideal for a city where most roads are 25 mph. I can get from my place in Shoreline to Sodo in hour, which is faster than taking the bus.

Is this bike practical? Not really. Is it fun? You bet!!! I used to own and drive a sports car every single day, and it was absolutely not practical, either, but that has never been a deciding factor for me. This bike, however, is cooler, more fun, sportier, and a better value than the vast majority of E-Bikes I've seen for the same price, and best of all, it looks cool as hell and has a massive community of supportive enthusiasts, which was the final deciding factor for me when comparing this bike to a Luna Eclipse. Plus, you can't deny it looks absolutely rad as hell! High torque + 2.5 inch tires is a hell of a combination. It can be a little nerve-wracking at first, but this bike is made for drifting and high-speed carving! (Just be careful and don't get too confident like me! Haha). This is definitely an affordable and sensible commuter bike for people who love to have fun. This is the miata of E-Bikes!

Quick Side Note: I am, by no means, a seasoned bike mechanic, but this bike is INCREDIBLY simple to work on and service on your own!

David Hope
I’m in love with my Zooz❤️

I recently purchased a beautiful chrome Zooz UI750 and I am absolutely in love with this bike!! It’s gorgeous, it’s fast, it’s super comfortable, the build quality is excellent , and I get many compliments from people whenever they see the bike. This is my first Zooz bike and it’s the third different e-bike that I’ve owned in 2 years and my Zooz is by far my favorite!! When people ask me about the bike I tell them to check out the Zooz website and pick the one that’s right for them. I will continue to recommend Zooz to everyone who is looking into getting an e-bike!