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E-bikes are a rapidly growing segment with 130 million bikes and $25+ Billion in sales predicted over the next 3 years. While the usual suspects are adding pedal assist to the same old bikes they been selling for decades, the door is opening for fresh ideas and innovative perspectives on e-mobility.

The Urban Ultralight is a new concept from a new start-up comprised of motorcycle builders and product designers that are focused on the urban demographic that demands quality, style and performance.

Zooz is offering a throttle-heavy, ultralight electric two-wheel experience that turns your urban commute into a joyride. This minimal, yet elegant bike turns heads at every corner and is poised to be the next big conversation in the growing ebike space.

Although Zooz Bikes has only been known to the world since Jan 22 2020, buyers have already queued up to buy their first production run of this single product. A .65% conversion rate, but 12% returning visitor rate means visitors are very interested in this product and many are on the verge of buying. Help push them over the edge with your support! Only one product $1799 with shipping included, every conversion will have a high return ($90/bike) for our affiliates.

  • Unique product in the rapidly growing ebike space
  • Marketed/designed for young urban professionals with disposable income
  • 30 sales in first 20 days of being public without any press
  • High yield per conversion


More about Zooz and their product

Zooz Bikes, a start-up formed by a small network of motorcyclists and product designers have something to say about the coming electric revolution. They’re offering a throttle-heavy, but ultralight electric two-wheel experience that turns your urban commute into a joyride unmatched by anything currently on the market.

What’s more is that it’s quite elegant, featuring only premium brakes, battery, materials and fitment; the minimalistic design draws a comment on every ride. Hand assembled in the USA, it’s a 50-state-legal, Class 2 ebike, which means you can ride it anywhere a regular bicycle can go, so every inch of urban topography is now your playground.

The Zooz Ultralight features a strong, but lightweight custom chromoly steel frame with unique geometry, seat and riding position creating a new riding experience by combining the best characteristics of bicycle and motorcycle. A compact and powerful motor provides power on-demand from a throttle for snappy acceleration up to 20 mph for a minimum of 25 miles. The pedals augment the experience allowing you to boost the motor up to 27mph and extend your range to 35 miles without breaking a sweat. At just 47 lbs, it’s as easy and effortless to ride as a regular bicycle and can even be carried up stairs.

The idea started in a small garage in Chicago where co-founder Chris Zahner was struggling to appreciate the traffic in his 5-mile radius when his motorcycles proved to be the improper tool for navigation. Two years of R&D, three new team members and 13 prototypes later, the Zooz Ultralight maximizes the experience of an e-bike specifically for the dedicated rider in an urban environment. The perfect tool for navigating traffic-jammed streets, alleyways, stairs and elevators.

Zooz is offering a limited quantity of just 50 bikes. Available now for an initial offering of $1799. Free shipping although only to the lower 48 states. No international sales, at this moment although their second production run later in the year will send bikes around the world. This is a pre-sale of their first production run which is already being manufactured. Bikes will be delivered in June.