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We have placed an order for our first production run of 100 bikes. Each bike will be hand assembled in the USA and will be delivered in July 2020. ***Update*** we have endured a slight delay due to COVID-19 and we expect orders to be shipped before July 10, 2020 - please find detailed delivery video message here:

They are available for sale now—first come, first served.

Free shipping to the 48 contiguous United States only.


Bike Specifications.

Electric Bike Class: 2

Goes wherever a bike is allowed to go. No license, no registration, no insurance.

Rated Power: 750W

with peak power output of 1200W! Feel the thrill!

Seat height: 30"

Comfortable for any sized adult. Handlebar options bring grip height to 39.5" for the Lowrise bars and 43" for the Highrise bars.

Range: 25 miles. minimum.

No pedaling, flat land, full throttle, 200-lbs rider, as repeatedly tested!  We have seen up to 35-miles of range with a more sparing use of the throttle and a bit of pedaling without much effort.

Beware of the ASTERISK—Many e-bike companies suggest outlandish range claims that simply aren't true under normal use conditions. Our battery features premium Samsung 35E cells for a long service life and power-retention.

Weight: 47lbs.

Despite using a steel frame and large battery, we crafted the Zooz to keep weight as low as possible without compromising strength and handling, range and ride quality. Most people who have lifted it guess that it's under 40lbs.

Top Speed: 20mph/throttle. 27mph/throttle + pedals.

The legal top speed for an e-bike with a throttle is 20 mph (Class 2) and you can expect the Zooz to carry you along at 20 mph until the battery is completely empty.  Add a couple pumps to the pedals and experience an easy boost up to 27 mph.  Quality Samsung 35E cells are free from power-fade that usually results in poor speed at lower battery levels -- our battery keeps on serving up speed until you've squeezed every last volt from it.

Charging Time: 4 Hours.

Our batteries take four hours to charge from completely empty to completely full. They take this long because a slow charge ensures a long and healthy battery life. Charging the battery takes about as much energy as a laptop. Plug it in at night, at work or anytime you're away and the premium battery charger will handle the rest.

Warranty: 2 Years.

Anything happens to your Zooz, we've got your back for 2 years.

More Details:

Our patent pending design features a chrome-plated, 4130 Chromoly steel frame, fork and handlebar. This aircraft-grade steel is strong, light and has just the right amount of flex. It is designed to perform and built to last! 

The seat is made from custom-molded, high-impact, ABS plastic wrapped with marine-grade vinyl. The length and width of the seat were carefully considered in our design for all-day rider comfort and a wide range of rider sizes allowing the rider to slide forward or backward.

The large 48V, 17.5aH (840wH) battery is discreetly tucked under the seat to minimize visual-mass, while maximizing power and range. We only use authentic Samsung 35E 18650 cells which pack a serious punch and a long service life.

Our compact 750W geared hub-motor offers the best power-weight ratio on the market. The controller is rated at 15a nominal, 25a peak.

We offer two different size handlebars to further dial in your comfort and style. A low-rise 6" handle bar is comfortable for all riders, especially those under 5'10", and a high-rise 9.5" handle bar, comfortable for riders up to 6'5" or for those who really want those classic BMX proportions.

The Zooz features a 507x35mm aluminum rim with 12 gauge spokes wrapped in 24x3.0" rubber with a 25.5" OD—a unique tire size that offers enough air capacity to cushion from bumps on the road, while minimizing rotational friction for maximum range.

A 203mm disc and 160mm disc in the rear offer the best braking performance on the market. We only offer Tektro hydraulic brake systems with power-cut switch for a controlled and confident ride.