ULTRA URBAN 1100 Ebike -Front
ULTR URBAN 1100-rear
ULTR URBAN 1100-Battery
ULTR URBAN 1100-Display
ULTR URBAN 1100-Throttle
ULTR URBAN 1100-Seat
ULTR URBAN 1100-Taillight
ULTR URBAN 1100-Steel
ULTR URBAN 1100-Connector
ULTR URBAN 1100-Motor-Brake
ULTR URBAN 1100-Front Brakes
ULTR URBAN 1100-Tire

2022 ULTRA URBAN 1100

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The 2022 (Gen2) Ultra Urban 1100 features a new display and sine-wave controller (which makes the motor quieter) compared to the 2021 UU1100. The 2022 UU1100 features the CST Cyclops tire, which is the clone of the Maxxis Hookworm (CST is the parent company of Maxxis, which had discontinued the Hookworm tire in the 24" size).

  • Set Speed:  20 mph

  • Uncorked Capability:  30 mph (not for public roads)

  • Rated/Peak Power:  750w / 1600w

  • Expected Range:  33 - 40 miles

  • Total Weight:  63 lbs

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Jenny T.
United States United States

Zooz 1100

Hi, my name is Brent and I am 65 years old and live in Iowa. I got a Schwinn StingRay in 1969. I saw the development of the BMX bike. When I saw Zooz bikes on utube, I knew I had to have one. The bike makes me feel young. The bike is light and tight, with power. We live in a historical neighborhood close to a college & adjoining park. I ride the sidewalks and it’s tons of fun. Late night rides around our neighborhood are the best. My Zooz allows me to relax. It’s been my silent fun. For my type of riding it makes me happy. Zach at Zooz is great. I needed to call him with a question and he was beyond kind and respectful. Thank you for giving me this enjoyment!

Erik V.
United States United States

Solid Bike!

Great bike 250 miles in and all smiles! I do wish it had cruise control but still great!

Craig K.
United States United States

My review of the UU1100

I never thought much about eBikes until my parents bought 2 Jetson Bolt Pros from costco that I inherited when my mom fell off and broke her shoulder. I think my review of everything that is right with my UU1100 makes more sense in contrast of everything that was wrong with the Jetson bikes. They were kinda fun to ride around at the park and for going to the store down the street, but I think of them like starter eBikes, just to get the taste on your tongue so you crave more. They only went about 15 miles per hour, which leaves you always feeling like you want to go just a bit faster. They had tiny wheels and weren't very stable, my mom fell off, I fell off, and my cousin fell off. They claimed to have a 25 mile range, but always fell short of that claim. If you tried to go anywhere far at all the battery would die on the way back. And it wouldn't die at an expected time according to the battery meter. It would use up the first two power bars and then just die unexpectedly with 2 bars remaining. The brakes always ****** but started going out completely after about a year of riding. Overall, I would not recommend a Jetson bike unless you were just wanting to buy a cheap eBike to try out the experience and get you tongue wet. Now everything that is right with my UU1100. I can't really thing of anything bad to say about it. I definitely recommend the 1100 because it has the top speed of 33-34 miles per hour. I never felt comfortable riding the jetson on roads because of how slow it was, but feel completely comfortable on the Zooz bike going down roads with a 30-35 mph speed limit. When you hit 30mph on the UU1100 that feels about as fast as I really need to go, but then it goes just a bit faster so you never get that feeling where you top out and wish you could go just a bit faster, like on the jetson. The Battery gauge is very accurate and consistent on the Zooz unlike the jetson which was completely unreliable. If you thought the last 2 bars on the jetson would go the same distance as the first 2 you would be sorely mistaken. I consistently get 40+ miles on a full charge with the zooz bike. It has a trip odometer so you can see that you are getting a consistent number of miles per bar. And when all 5 bars on the Zooz ran out (which was at 41 miles for me), the bike didn't just immediately die and leave me to pedal my way home. The battery bar started flashing red and I made it another half mile back home without it ever actually running out of power. I don't know how far I could go with a red flashing battery. I haven't tested it yet, but it was at least a half mile that time. The hydraulic brakes on the Zooz work beautifully. The brakes on the jetson always made me feel like I was going die someday when they gave out completely. I wasn't sure about the banana seat at first, but I really like it now. You could ride with another person on there so long as you don't exceed 330lbs. The Bike is extremely stable at high speeds. I feel safer going 33/34mph on the Zooz bike then I did traveling 15 on that little jetson thing. The quality of the Zooz bike is something that you can see and feel when you examine it. You can customize the bike with pegs and bmx pads. I like that the wheels have spokes unlike the jetson, which enabled me to put some lights going around my wheels. Some people upon seeing my bike had no idea that it was an eBike, so it's discreet. The fun level is off the charts. The range is sufficient for all the places I go. I can get everywhere I want to go, ride around quite a bit when I get there, and usually still have a good amount of battery when I get back, and I just want to say again that I love the reliability of the Zooz battery gauge. The worst thing about the jetson bike was that uncomfortable feeling that the battery could run out all of sudden at some random unexpected time. Zooz makes me feel free to explore new places without constantly worrying about running out of power. I'm glad I carefully researched this out before buying 'my' first eBike, and that I got the Zooz UU1100. It is exactly the bike I wanted, and it not only meets my expectations but exceeds them. It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

Matthew R.
United States United States

Just buy it already

This bike can do just about whatever you need it to do. Have been taking this thing all over SF and have yet to meet too many obstacles it can't overcome and range in a hilly city like this is impressive.

Tom H.
United States United States

My ZOOZ 1100

Great bike. I need to make the time to enjoy it more and I will soon.

Jennifer M.
United States United States

47 year old feeling like I'm 15 again.

My wife says I look like a little kid when I'm zooming around on it. I said, Exactly!!!!!!!

United States United States

This bike is the best

Could not be happier with this bike. It's so approachable and easy to ride. Keeps up with cars through the neighborhoods and you can still jump up on the sidewalk or bike path to get places even faster. I ride it to work, directly onto the elevator, and up to my office. Makes even the most mundane trips incredibly fun. I put some footpegs on it so I can carry the kids on the seat in front of me. They love it too. This feels like the most perfect mode of transportation yet. Well done zooz.

Austin W.
United States United States

Freedom on Two wheels

I had some questions about the bike and emailed. Zach calls me and answers all my questions and gave me the best customer service I could’ve asked for! I was going in knowing little about zooz originally and Zach made me feel like I was apart of the zooz team after a 20 minute phone call! I had a minor concern after getting the bike and called Zach and he walked me through it in seconds! American and most every part in stock! I was looking into imported bikes, parts and shipping times are outrageous with some brands. Zooz is sure to have what you need in stock for the most part now that these UU1100’s are taking off get it while you can! Thanks Zooz and Zach for an awesome experience !!

Charles V.
United States United States

Beyond happy

I have been wanting to get an e-bike for some time and did a lot of research and searching before I ran into zooz and once I laid eyes on it I knew this would be the bike for me. I love the way it looks and it's performance is amazing. If you are looking for on e-bike look no further this bike is steak sauce (A1) I am very satisfied with my decision

Adamo D.
United States United States

My commute is the best part of my day!

Decided to use my Zooz to get to work and back 5 days a week, and wow. I get to work with a smile on my face, and get home not thinking about work at all. The ride changes things. The bike changes the ride. It’s everything I hoped for and more. Thanks for making the raddest looking eBike on the market. Nobody even looks twice at my bike, just looks like any other chrome BMX 80’s bike, and I LOVE IT. Just say no to goofy looking ebikes… Go ZOOZ!