What’s the big deal about the Urban Ultralight?

Zooz Bikes has built a platform that will serve many different use cases and "set-ups" from commuting to thrill riding and more. We will be adding to this platform over the next few months and years.

The Urban Ultralight’s foundation is a patented, strong, sexy and simple 4130 Chromoly steel frame. It uses common, but premium bicycle parts and electrical systems. Zoozers will be able to buy parts, upgrade kits and accessories directly from Zooz, but it will also accept parts from elsewhere. Even if we were to disappear tomorrow, there would be endless parts available to keep this bike rolling.

Honestly, this frame should last you 100 years. If it is looked after, even after multiple batteries, tires and other consumables, this bike will ride on into the future and is worth owning.

Why is it so expensive?

We've been told that our bike looks so simple and it shouldn't cost that much. Looks may be deceiving, but a lot of engineering and design went into this platform and we are only offering quality materials and components. If you've been shopping for an ebike, you'll notice that the price is quite competitive with other ebikes in the space.


Why doesn't it ship until April 2021? Why do I have to pay now?

We're a small start-up just beginning our second batch of production. The more orders we get, the more bikes we can produce in the next batch. Similar to a crowdfunding campaign, our ability to grow, develop and continue to exist is to scale our production as quickly as possible.

The next batch of production begins at the beginning of October and we have added extra time into our production timeline to be sure that they arrive by April. We've done this already and even during the outbreak of Covid-19, we were still able to deliver on time. All bikes will be shipped in the order they are received.

In order to meet our customers halfway, we are able to offer payment plans via Partial.ly. Please look at the flexible payment terms on each product page and during checkout.


How do Partial.ly Payment Plans work?

Partial.ly is not a financier or creditor and requires no credit check. Partial.ly is simply another checkout option that schedules flexible payments according to ZOOZ Bikes payment terms -- 40% down (inclusive of total cost of checkout, shipping, financing convenience fee and taxes). The balance can be scheduled at the customers desired frequency with a term length up to 6 months. Payments are scheduled for automatic payment at your selected intervals. You can change your payment intervals during your payment term. Bikes will be shipped when the balance is paid in full. If payments default, the Partial.ly customer can resume payments at their convenience. There are no refunds for payments already completed, but store credit via digital gift card will be issued.


How big is the bike? And what’s with that seat?

Overall, it’s about the same size as a 26” mountain bike with a low seat. Depending on the model, tire outer diameters range form 24-26”. The seat height will be ~30” (+/- .5”). From steerer tube to seatpost -- 21.5”.
Our patented seat design is fixed and conceals most of the battery and electronics while providing a massive surface area for comfort and allows riders to sit closer or farther from the handlebars.

A choice of handlebars (6” or 9.5”) allows you to dial in your posture even further. We have had riders from 5’-6’5” claim that they felt comfortable on the bike. Most size riders will feel very comfortable on this bike and wonder why they ever spent so much time on a regular bicycle seat in the first place.

We have noted concerns about the distance from the seat to the pedals. We hear you, but now hear us.

This bike is intended to maximize the use of the THROTTLE. The pedals do come in handy for boosting speeds under acceleration, climbing hills, etc, but Zooz Bikes are meant to be ridden like a scooter. Thus, a neutral, upright seating position inspires confidence and control.
We periodically add pedal power to boost the motor. Normally, we would stand up for this – an athletic position where you would be standing on the pedals like a downhill mountain bike – and the seat stays low and out of your way for any unwanted taps in your nether regions while you rip across town.

What’s a throttle? Is there Pedal Assist?

A throttle is an old-timey word for whatever mechanism squirts gasoline into an engine. Those days seem to be fleeting, but we’re still fond of the word. On a Zooz Urban Ultralight, the throttle is a lever that you actuate with your thumb to add power to the motor without pedaling.
There is also Pedal Assist. A cadence sensor on the crank measures how much you are pedaling and will add power to the motor to assist you according to your selection of 1-5 pedal assist levels.

Are these bikes legal?

Zooz Bikes offers the Urban Ultralight as a platform to serve various riding styles. The UU250, UU750 and UU1100 feature different motors and battery configurations that maximize the performance within three different legal envelops.

The UU250 was design to satisfy European, UK, Australian and Japanese (among other countries) electric bicycle requirements (Euro L1E-a). This bike is also for sale in the USA and is suitable for novice riders or those who care more about weight and price rather than speed.

The UU750 is designed to maximize performance within the legal limits in the entire USA. It is considered to be a bike and is legal to ride anywhere, anyhow a regular bicycle is allowed. This bike also has the best power-to-weight ratio among all the Ultralights (and probably any other ebike on the market).

The UU1100 is a “Class 3” e-bike and is only for sale in USA and UAE. This bike has a rated power that is legal within the USA but can reach speeds that may exceed regulations in some locations. It is not for bike lane use. As part of the User Agreement and Warranty, purchasers agree to obey local laws and ride safely.

How fast, heavy and how far do they go?

All specs can be found on all product pages.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, all bikes are covered in a limited 1-year warranty. We want to keep all Zoozers rolling at all times and we will do our best to support our growing community and their needs. We’re real riders and we’re reasonable too. If you have any worries, reach out directly or find out what other Zoozers are saying about our customer service on Instagram or Facebook, etc. Find all warranty details here.

Are there parts and accessories?

Zooz Bikes is a young and growing company. We are developing all kinds of parts, accessories, merch and more. We will be rolling these products out periodically. While there may not be many accessories in our store at the moment, they will be available for purchase before the bikes are delivered in the Spring of 2021.

Also, the Zooz Urban Ultralight utilizes common bike parts that can be replaced, upgraded and swapped from parts found on the internet or your local bike shop. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Do you have payment plans?

Not yet, unfortunately.

We are a young company and because we are pre-selling these bikes before/during production, companies like Klarna and Afterpay do not extend these services to us… yet. We are working on that and will publicly announce when that option become available.

Can I try before I buy?

In the near future we will be hosting pop-up demos in various cities. However, at the moment we have a limited amount of bikes available for demos. Follow us on social media or our email list to be notified when we will have these pop-ups.


Where do you ship?

At the moment, we are only shipping certain models to USA, Canada, UK, some parts of Europe and Australia due to many logistical hurtles that we have faced and will continue to face. Global trade is quite volatile at this time and we have assessed a flat fee to ship bikes to the following locations based on an average of local taxes, duties, VAT, shipping prices, etc. Yes, the shipping cost can be quite high for some of these locations. It's the best we can do at this time.

UU 250 – USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, UAE
UU 750 – USA, UAE
UU 1100 – USA, UAE

We will be adding more locations and vendors around the world as we develop those distribution channels. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please email hello@zoozbikes.com


If I buy now, when will I get my bike?

All sales right now are a PRE-SALE. We are beginning our second run of manufacturing right now and this pre-sale allows us to gauge volume. We are claiming an April 2021 delivery window. We have built in ample time to achieve this delivery date just in case there’s a global pandemic or something. There is a chance it could come before that time. If sales go particularly well and later orders will be delivered later, we will update that projection. First bikes sold get shipped first.


How do I care for my bike?

The electrical system is its own unit and we are available for any questions or troubles you may have. Warranty or not. The rest of the bike is as easy to service as any regular bike – crankset, headset, wheels, brakes, fork, handlebars, etc – and should be serviced by any reputable bike shop/mechanic. Unfortunately, there is some resistance to electric out there as well as some straight-up bad shops. If you have any concerns, get in touch and we’ll guide you in the right direction.