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Product Questions

How much is a Zooz Bike?

Right now, during pre-sale, Zooz Bikes are offered at $1,899.99 with shipping included. This is a promotional price and the lowest it will ever be.

Is a Zooz Bike legal to ride like a regular bike?

Yes! While we recommend that you check with your local laws, from a federal perspective, these bikes are legal all-over the United States. Later in 2020, we will be offering bikes with a power/speed output that matches the laws in UK, EU, AUS, UAE, CAN, MEX.

For more info about e-bike laws, see this link: https://www.cyclevolta.com/what-are-classes-e-bikes-where-can-e-bikes-be-ridden/

What is the seat height?

Our unique design is fixed  30” high, but allows for all size riders because of it’s banana seat design. You can ride your Zooz sitting standing just as comfortably as standing. We have been building custom motorcycles for years and “getting it right” is our specialty and, not only for looks, but for a proper ride. 


How much does it weigh?

Only 47 lbs. Lightweight was one of our design principles, so we stripped down to the essentials. We wanted to make sure you could take it anywhere you need in the city without weighing you down. Can easily be maneuvered in elevators, narrow hallways and up and down stairs.


What’s the range?

25 miles minimum. No pedaling, flat land, full throttle, 200-lbs rider. We have seen up to 35-miles of range with a more sparing use of the throttle and a bit of pedaling without too much effort. We bet it can go further, but we’re more interested in squeezing the throttle; we never attempted a maximum distance just so we can claim a high number with an asterisk*


How much power do I get with this motor?

Rated power 750W, with peak power output 1200W.

48V, 15a rated amps, 25a peak amps.


Does it have pedal assist?

Yes. There are 5 different assist modes. You can pedal the bike and the cadence sensor with automatically apply power to the motor. However, we like to use the throttle like a motorcycle and add power with our legs like a turbo boost.


How long does it take to charge?

Just 4 hours and it only takes as much energy as your laptop to reach a full charge.


Can I do a wheelie on it?



Can I ride it two up?

Yes, it’s fun for short distances, we’ve done it. However, we don’t recommend that more than one person at a time ride on our Zooz Bike. The weight can throw off the weight distribution, and the Zooz Bike may not perform as advertised.

The maximum weight capacity is 135 kg / 299 lbs.


General Questions


Do you offer test rides?

We currently have bikes in Southern California and Chicago. If you are around any of those areas, we can arrange to meet up. Email us at hello@zoozbikes.com.


Are Zooz Bikes street legal?

Yes. The Zooz ultralight is nationally recognized as a bicycle, however some locations might have their own stipulations, check with your local regulations.


Do I need a license to ride a Zooz in my city?

Nope. Zooz Bikes are an electric bike class 2, which means it goes wherever a bike is allowed to go. No license, no registration, no insurance.


Do you have a warranty and return policy?

Yes. Anything happens to your Zooz, we have you covered for two years – battery, motor, frame and components. We have a 14 day return policy for a full refund.


Why are you delivering in June 2020?

This is a pre-sale of the original fifty Zooz Bikes. They are the first bikes to be produced and are currently in production. As soon as the product arrives, it will be hand assembled in Texas and shipped directly to each customer.


How much is shipping?

Shipping to the lower 48 states in the US is included for all orders.


Do you ship internationally?

For this pre-sale we are only shipping within the US.

However, some international buyers are arranging their own logistics from within the US. We are happy to accommodate something for you if you have special requests. Email us at hello@zoozbikes.com