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ZOOZ Bikes focuses on one primary feature -- a thrilling ride.

The Ultra Urban’s foundation starts with a patented 4130 Chromoly steel frame with a large battery that has been integrated into the seat that has been meticulously crafted to encourage a spirited ride.

It may sound simple, but simplicity is never simple. ZOOZ has scrupulously vetted, tested and matched each part with great attention to detain for every part and feature. The result is a balanced ride that feel obvious and natural the first and every time you ride it.

The ZOOZ Ultra Urban is designed and built to withstand the test of time and timelessness.

Learn more about the bike and it's use cases by watching this video.

We are building a small dealer/demo network where prospective customers can view the bikes, some dealers offer demo rides, but not all. You can find our expanding deler list on our dealer locator.

Bikes purchased from ZOOZBikes.com are not able to be returned once that package has been open. Verified, un-opened packages are available for return with a 15% restocking fee on the original price of the bike.

On any electric bike, motor and bike speed is dependent on voltage. When a battery is fully charged it has a higher voltage than when it is discharged. Therefore, an electric bike will go faster when the battery is fully charged and slower when it is nearly empty.

Each ZOOZ Urban Ultralight is capable of various maximum speeds because each model has a different voltage capacity and the motor is optimized for that specific voltage range. and power.

However, each ZOOZ model is shipped with a "set speed" of 20MPH as per United States federal guidelines on Class 2 E-bikes.

You can change the set speed to be unlimited, although absolute maximum speed will depend on the voltage of the battery which varies from when the battery is full to when the battery is empty.

The UU250 is capable of a maximum achievable speed of 20MPH. The UU750 is capable of a maximum achievable speed of 26MPH. The UU1100 is capable of a maximum achievable speed of 33MPH.

The electrical drivetrain of the ZOOZ is "divorced" from the rest of the bike - which means the battery, controller, motor and all components are stand-alone. This makes servicing the rest of the bike easy for anyone with standard bicycle knowledge.

Components like brakes, tires, cranks, pedals, handlebars and stems are all industry standard sizes and readily available which makes servicing, replacement and customization a breeze.

ZOOZ stocks plenty of invetory of ZOOZ-specfic parts from batteries to brake pads. All can be found in the parts section of the website if you break something or if there is need for warranty replacement.


No, you do not need a license, registration or insurance to ride an electric bike in the United States of America, but it doesn't mean anyone can ride anywhere.

Zooz Bikes offers the Urban Ultralight as a platform that features different motor and battery configurations that maximize the performance within three different legal envelops.

The UU250 was design to satisfy European, UK, Australian and Japanese (among other countries) electric bicycle requirements (Euro L1E-a). This bike is also for sale in the USA and is suitable for novice riders or those who care more about weight and price rather than speed.

The UU750 and UU1100 are both designed to maximize performance within the legal limits in the entire USA. They are considered to be a bike and are legal to ride anywhere, anyhow a regular bicycle is allowed. It is not for bike lane use. As part of the User Agreement and Warranty, purchasers agree to obey local laws and ride safely.

ZOOZ Bikes currently only ships via ground in the contiguous United States due to restrictions on shipping lithium-ion batteries. Please check the dealer locator in the top toolbar on this website for our growing dealer list outside of the USA.

Yes, all bikes are covered in a limited 1-year warranty. We want to keep all Zoozers rolling at all times and we will do our best to support our growing community and their needs. We’re real riders and we’re reasonable too. If you have any worries, reach out directly or find out what other Zoozers are saying about our customer service on Instagram or Facebook, etc. Find all warranty details here.

We hold all bike shipments for 24-48 hours. Cancellations of bike order before they ship are eligible for a full refund. Once a bike has been shipped, a cancelation is subjected to a 15% restocking fee on the original price of the bike due to cost of shipping and for the simple reason that we cannot then resell that bike. If you want to cancel after the bike has already been received, we will verify through photos that the box have been un-opened and we will send a return shipping label. Bikes cannot be returned once the box has been opened. As soon as we receive the returned bike and re-verify that the box has not been opened, we will issue the remaining balance after the 15% restocking fee. BIkes that have been returned that have clearly been opened are only subjected to a 50% refund.


You can find the user manual for first generation Urban Ultralights with small, square display here.

You can find the user manual for first generation Urban Ultralights with larger round here.

You can find the user manual for the second generation bikes, called the 2022 Ultra Urban (serial number UU001601 and up) here.

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Questions?       We talk!