Return Policy

Bike return/refund: We hold all bike shipments for 24-48 hours. Cancellations of bike order before they ship are eligible for a full refund. Once a bike has been shipped, a cancelation is subjected to a 15% restocking fee on the original price of the bike due to cost of shipping and for the simple reason that we cannot then resell that bike. If you want to cancel after the bike has already been received, we will verify through photos that the box have been un-opened and we will send a return shipping label. Bikes cannot be returned once the box has been opened. As soon as we receive the returned bike and re-verify that the box has not been opened, we will issue the remaining balance after the 15% restocking fee. Bikes that have been returned that have clearly been opened are only subjected to a 50% refund.
Damage during shipping: Unfortunately, some minor blemishes can occur during shipping, de-packaging and assembly. While this is uncommon, it is out of the ZOOZ company's control. ZOOZ does not issue monetary exchanges for minor cosmetic blemishes (if you're riding correctly, you will have more blemishes to come ;).  Anything functionally incorrect or defective will be honored in accordance with our full warranty policy
Parts: All parts orders that have been unopened are available to be returned as long as they are unopened and unused. All unopened parts boxes can only be returned within 30 days of purchase date. Opened boxes are considered used products as we cannot resell them as new. A return shipping label will be issued to the purchaser at the purchaser's expense.