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Elevating the Ultra Series with full suspension, aramid-lined tires and a larger proportion, the Ultra Flex 1200 offers more versatility to your thrill ride. Something we call #versathrillity

A class exceeding battery size of 25aH has a minimum (all throttle, no pedaling) range easily over 30 miles at top speed, and up to 45+ miles with pedal assist at 20mph. The all-new QS213 motor peaks at 1800w and can carry most riders well past 30mph.

The Ultra Flex achieves a new level of comfort and performance with sport-tuned suspension and over-sized ZOOZ STICKY SWEET puncture resistant tires, lined with aramid fiber. 

The Ultra Flex has a 33.5" seat height, making the bike much more suitable for larger riders, but is ideal for riders from 5'7" to 6'5"

•Top Speed: 30+ MPH
•Rated/Peak Power: 750w / 1800w
•Expected Range: 30-45 Miles
•Total Weight: 85 lbs
•Load Capacity: 350 lbs
•Seat Height: 33.5"
•Throttle: Yes
•Pedal Assist: Yes
•Motor: 52V Direct Drive
•Battery: 25aH/1300Wh
•Cells: LG 21700
•Charge Time: 6 +/- hrs *completely empty to completely full.
•Frameset: 4130 Chromoly Steel Ultra Urban (Patented)

-Front: Triple clamped, Full stanchion, Air fork. Adjustable compression & rebound. 85mm of travel.

-Rear: Dual coilover shocks. Adjustable preload & rebound. 65mm of travel.

•Tires: STICKY SWEET 24 x 3.2"
•Brakes: Hydraulic Disc F/203mm R/203mm
•Class: Class 2
•Set Speed: *All Zooz bikes ship limited to 20 MPH. Maximum speed limit can be adjusted in the display.

Ultra Flex 1200

The Ultra Flex takes the ZOOZ Ultra series to new levels of #versathrillity.

4130-Chromoly steel chassis and sport-tunable suspension brings a new level of comfort and performance beyond the tarmac.

ZOOZ debuts the all-new STICKY SWEET tire with Aramid lining to prevent punctures.

Zooz Max Speed
Zooz Ultra Flex Weight
Zooz Bike Expected Range
Zooz UF Motor


750W rated / 1800W Peak

52V Direct Drive

Zooz UF Battery


25aH (1300wH)

70-Cell: LG M50LT 14s5p

Full recharge: 6+ hours


Hydraulic Disc

Front 203 / Rear 203

Zooz UF Suspension

Rear Shocks

Adjustable pre-load and rebound.

Soft & Stiff Springs included.

Zooz UF Forks

Front Fork

Moto-style fork.

Adjustable compression and rebound.


Aramid lined, puncture resistant.

Superior grip on multiple surfaces.

Zooz UF 1200 Specs

customize your bike

Number Plate
UF Rear Rack
UF Front Rack
SURF RACK for ZOOZ BIKES by Moved By Bikes
Vans x Cult Cruiser Grip by CULT CREW
UF Rear Rack
SURF RACK for ZOOZ BIKES by Moved By Bikes
Faro Smart Helmet by UNIT 1
Inner Tube, 24x3.2
Happy Can with Bracket by Bikase
Happy Can by Bikase
Urbanator Adjustable Panniers by Bikase Store

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
So good I'm ordering another

The Ultra Flex has been a joy for our family adventures! Smooth ride quality on streets and trails.

Between the solid tires and suspension the Flex has a super comfortable ride.

Battery life is great. We venture out for dinner miles away without worrying about running out of juice. It's so efficient and dependable that our little excursions have become more frequent and adventurous.

My 4 year old boy's approval is the cherry on top! "They are fast and I like it!"

Jeremy (ZZ Ryder)
Gettin' Zoozy with it!

Absolutely LOVE this bike. You guys hit the nail on the head. Perfect pedal and seat positioning. Excellent torque, blazing fast top speeds (mine actually hit 38mph for a split second going downhill, can't sustain that of course but it will sustain at 33mph easily. Only negative... seat is comfy but needs more cushioning (looks thick but the cushion is actually thin). I can still ride for several hours no problem. Everywhere you go people stare at and compliment this bike. Everyone has questions. Everyone thinks it's cool. All your buddies will want to ride it and buy one themselves. I ride this thing on off-road dirt tracks as well as street and it does extremely well with both. I live in a mountainous area, hills everywhere you go. This bike glides right up steep hills no sweat at 19-27+ mph. I've ridden mine 31+ miles on a single charge and still had juice in the tank, could easily go 40+ if you pedal often (which I find I just do naturally). Bumps? What bumps? It floats right over em. Overall, in my opinion this is the best ebike currently in production.

Great bike

Shipping experience was good. Good communication from shipping and got it faster than I thought. Unboxing is amazing. Super easy. I have a 750 and love it. The UF feels bulkier with the front forks. Feels bit more motorcycle than bmx feel of the 750. Build quality is excellent on both. Ride on the UF is super smooth. Suspension is much better than other full suspension e-bikes I’ve ridden. Motor is surprisingly quiet. First direct drive I’ve had though so I’m only comparing to geared motors. I was worried about hills knowing the 750 has more torque but happy to find the UF handled the hills I normally travel without any issue. PAS is smooth and height of seat makes pedaling more comfortable than the UU. Over all love the UF.

Drew Graves
The Most Fun E bike Ever!?

I have been on a ton of different E bikes, but UF 1200 is by far the most fun I have ever had on an E bike!

It can jump, wheelie, and cruise anywhere effortlessly.

With this bike I have been able to take my riding to the next level. I can jump with confidence and stability. The larger rear rotor provides excellent stopping power and I have unlocked some new tricks within a short time. Finally, the larger battery provides me with plenty of range and power to explore new parts of my city.

I already have over 500 miles on my Flex and with the proper maintenance, this thing still feels new!

If you are looking for something that stands out, is extremely fun just buy the bike already!