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ULTRA URBAN 1100 Ebike -Front
ULTR URBAN 1100-rear
ULTR URBAN 1100-Battery
ULTR URBAN 1100-Display
ULTR URBAN 1100-Throttle
ULTR URBAN 1100-Seat
ULTR URBAN 1100-Taillight
ULTR URBAN 1100-Steel
ULTR URBAN 1100-Connector
ULTR URBAN 1100-Motor-Brake
ULTR URBAN 1100-Front Brakes
ULTR URBAN 1100-Tire


21 reviews


The 2022 Ultra Urban 1100 is the speed machine of the Ultra lineup.

The quieter motor on the 2022 UU1100 has a higher top speed and more range than the other Ultra models, so you can keep on cruising.  

  • Set Speed:  20 mph

  • Uncorked Capability:  30 mph (not for public roads)

  • Rated/Peak Power:  750w / 1600w

  • Expected Range:  33 - 40 miles

  • Total Weight:  63 lbs

  • ULTRA URBAN 1100
    33 MPH
  • ULTRA URBAN 1100
    25 - 40 Miles
  • ULTRA URBAN 1100
    300LBS+ LOAD
  • ULTRA URBAN 1100
  • ULTRA URBAN 1100
  • ULTRA URBAN 1100
  • ULTRA URBAN 1100
  • ULTRA URBAN 1100
  • ULTRA URBAN 1100

what people are saying

"Zooz has made a wildly fun and stunning electric bike in a unique space uncovered by bike companies...No other bike is as inviting, alluring or care-free as the Zooz."
"A featherlight transportation solution that promises to deliver exceptional versatility and style for city-dwelling consumers to take advantage of."
"Zooz offers thrill-on-demand.”
"The Zooz Urban Ultralight could be the Lotus of e-bikes"
"An attractive, well-specced machine with a BMX vibe"
"The design combines classic lines with a big battery and throttle heavy experience that treads the line between bicycle and motorcycle."
"Effortless pedaling and ever-so-slightly irresponsible fun."
"A fascinating blend of electric motorcycles, BMX, and cafe racer"
"Being a combination of BMX and chopper it's a kind of a Generation X retro throwback machine, but decidedly youthful at the same time."
"Two words come to mind when you first look at a Zooz Urban Ultralight: simplicity, as this bike has a minimalist design, and hip, as this is one cool-looking two-wheeler."
"The Zooz Urban Ultralight pairs a 27mph max speed and peak power of 1200W with a throwback BMX-inspired design that remains both robust and lightweight. If you want an electric bike that goes as well as it looks, it could be for you."
"Its classic design will invoke the best memories from your childhood but its performance will match any modern e-bike you can find on the market." 
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Marcus A.

You must get a Zooz 1100

I love the bike the and it's fast my kids love it too.

Felix M.

My review

This what I think: https://youtu.be/5YHtt20Hk54

Frank C.

The best electric bike zooz

I've owned at least four electric bikes famous brands the Zooz has has them beat buy far buy looks easy to work on power kind of a retro feel to it that makes this bike stand out amongst others perfect!!!!


A Brilliant MasterPiece

The is the perfect E-Bike, it has all the go and stop you want without all the extra shit. E-bikes in general have moved towards these mopeds or weird cargo looking things. Honestly most E-bikes look like shopping carts with cup holders and a battery. "NOT ZOOZ" Thank you guys for creating what I consider a perfect classic. It reminds me personally of my BMX days mixed with my Motocross weekends. You guys truly nailed this ZooZ 1100. I love the seat because I can change riding positions for more aggressive riding. It's long enough to put my girlfriend on the back for a 30+ MPH Joyride downtown passing all the cars stuck in traffic. It's 10 times better than a motorcycle during rush hour. NO Helmet, NO insurance, NO Registration, I can ride on sidewalks or the street. NO one seems to care if I break the street laws even riding the wrong direction down one way streets because the ZOOZ bikes look 95% like a regular bicycle. Everyone loves the bike but no seems to understand it an E-bike. That is what I would consider a perfect design. Congratulations :) P.S. You won't need other models in the future because you did it right the first time. This thing is so well built compared to anything else on the market. Happy holidays Dustin

Sweet P.

Favorite Playmate

Likes: Sunrises, long rides and making new friends. Hates: Labels. Great bike, super fun to ride. Did I say peppy? Peppy, yes. And strong. Like bull.


Life Changing?

I live by the beach in Los Angeles, i don’t drive, this awesome bike has literally given me a new lease of life. It’s super well built, battery seems to last forever & i get tons of people commenting on the look when i ride along the boardwalk on Venice Beach… This bike gives me the confidence to ride further than i’ve ever been before, i dare you to try it, you won’t believe it.

Cleveland T.

ZOOZ done did it again

I took a leap of faith and bought the original Zooz when they first launched. Guess how much I liked it? I just bought the faster one haha. Both are tremendously fun, but the 1100 takes the cake. When I bike with friends they all want to use this puppy. I guess its the need for speed! Also love the tail light, ability to hook in a headlamp and also the kickstand. Thanks for bringing so many smiles and raised eyebrows everyone I bring this beast. People always have something to say whether its about the slick design or how much fun it is to ride. I’m a Zoozer for life!

Mike K.

Not just an Urban Ultralight, but a Suburban Scrambler!

The UU1100 is the best blend of performance, weight, cost, durability, coolness, discreetness, and fun in an e-bike that I have found. Similar e-bikes (that lean more toward ultralight motorcycle than assisted bicycle) have inferior components and weigh and cost more. Discreetness means having the same amount of fun as the kids riding their mini dirt bikes around the neighborhood and parks without the calls to the police. Hard riding would be better with a higher seat (more weight over my feet rather than my butt, like a sport bike or supermoto rather than a cruiser). Also, I'm an outlier, but I like to be able to contribute meaningfully to the speed and range of the bike (another case for a better riding position). The UU1100 is light enough to get that - motor power plus people power, a mini-moto but still a bicycle. A regular bicycle seat would improve that, but for me the long seat is superior for protecting my jewels while allowing me to move around and push the limits of grip. To the praises about urban riding, I have to add that the Zooz rules in suburbia, too! I can push the limits on neighborhood streets and greenways while staying under 30mph and not breaking any laws and hopefully not any bones. Thanks for making a product that checks all my boxes!

Johnny P.

Feel like a kid again, but with POWER!

This bike is built to last, solid. It's a sexy design that looks "no frills" and minimal, but delivers so much more than expected. I regularly hit 33mph on my daily commute in NYC. The bike is nimble and quick enough to bob and weave through traffic. Fast enough to compete with and beat the other fat tire e-bikes out there in the market, but it's light enough to carry up a flight of stairs. This thing is, in a word, perfect. Get one!

jedadiah w.


I am one of many that had to wait longer then expected due to unfortunate transportation problems. with that said read the title of this review!! Seriously this bike beat every expectation I had. Battery only took 4 hours to fully charge! you should be getting 800 charge cycles on the battery which for me means I wont have to replace the battery for 2 1/2 years if I road to work and back every single day. For a 5'8 male at 165 lbs. This bike pulls me to 31.5 mph. The take off response is absolutely awesome. After talking with zooz's about the throttle asst , that this is amazing too. Just slowly moving the peddles can get you to 25 mph no problem. Now for the running tail light, I am afraid that its too high under the seat but I am sure that was taken into consideration in the building of this bike. I am definitely going to get the headlight from zoozs when they release them. For the over all ride of the bike I'd give a sold 8/10 . Only for the fact that its a ridged frame ( which I personally love) but you hit small holes or a big bump that you are not prepared for "Hold On To Your Butts" I was doing 30 and hit a tree root that pushed up two sidewalk pieces and got MAD air! I liked it but might not be for everyone. Stop wasting your time and just BUY THIS BIKE!!!!!! I am so happy I got in before the price raised. Even now after riding this bike I would still pay this price, Well worth the money.

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