Zooz Bikes 2021 UU250
Zooz Bikes 2021 UU250
Zooz Bikes 2021 UU250

2021 Urban Ultralight 250

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2021 was our first year in production (what we can Gen1) and we only made a handful of these 250W bikes as a test. The UU250 would be a regular feature the following model year.

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Number Plate
Maxxis Hookworm 24x2.50"
Vans x Cult Waffle Grip by CULT CREW

2023 UU Rear Rack
Urbanator Adjustable Panniers by Bikase Store
SURF RACK for ZOOZ BIKES by Moved By Bikes
Vans x Cult Waffle Grip by CULT CREW
Dairyman Rear Basket Quick Release by Bikase
2023 UU Front Rack
Vans x Cult Cruiser Grip by CULT CREW
Faro Smart Helmet by UNIT 1
Urbanator Backpack Pannier Combo by Bikase
Zoozer T-Shirt

Customer Reviews

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Fed Abascal
Best bike of my life !

Got in the first batch just because the bike looks amazing, even though I couldn’t testride it first. Thank god I did because they are not producing many 250 versions it seems and it is the only legal one in Europe.

It arrived on time, excellent packing. Almost completely assembled and with all the components in perfect condition. Assembled in 10 minutes, battery charged in a couple hours, inflate tires, and ready to go. I was in contact with the company the whole time during purchase, shipping, assembly, and they walk me through it with amazing support. 

Until this point, it was just a crazy cool ass bike and service, but buckle up, because shit just got real. 

The bike goes really fast, even though it’s “the slowest one”. It's really comfortable and the riding position took me by surprise with an unprecedented comfort experience and seating position compare to other bikes that I ride. Also considering that I'm 1.85m (6'1'”). Amazing range, tough but light, I bring it up 2 floors to my apartment in Barcelona, Spain with no issue because it is compact and light. I was worried that it would not be, but somehow the specs and real experience are different. It really feels lighter and with great geometry on this funny bike.

I can't be happier about a product as a rider and about service as a user. If you get one of these, it will guarantee a big smile on your face.

Marco Lucifora
A fast, lightweight beauty !!!

Let's start with the fact that I was among the lucky few to buy the ZOOZ bike UU250 in the first batch.
I ordered this model to be in line with the rules of the EU, and especially with very strict laws of my country, since I live in Italy !!
From the moment of purchase, the bike arrived in record time.
The bike arrived in a large box, practically pre-assembled. I only used a couple of common tools to prepare it for its first ride.
The assembly took about 15 minutes .... and after the first battery charge ... go !!
The bike offers a very pleasant riding experience both on asphalted roads and on dirt roads.
The ZOOZ UU250 is a pleasure to drive even on the streets of the city center full of holes and bumps !!!
The bike does not go unnoticed, but the look is not the only important thing. In fact, my ZOOZ UU250 also goes fast, but safely, has very responsive brakes, and is the most fun way to get around town I've ever experienced.
The bike is very well built, solid and well balanced, the riding position is optimal. Furthermore, the materials used make it very light and I can easily get it into the elevator.
The ZOOZ is not the first e-bike I try .... but it was the only one I fell in love with and I really don't think I will part with.