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UF1200 Bikes Zooz Bikes
UF1200 Bikes Zooz Bikes
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UF1200 Bikes Zooz Bikes
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UF1200 Bikes Zooz Bikes
UF1200 Bikes Zooz Bikes


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Elevating the Ultra Series with full suspension, aramid-lined tires and a larger proportion, the Ultra Flex 1200 offers more versatility to your thrill ride. Something we call #versathrillity

A class exceeding battery size of 25aH has a minimum (all throttle, no pedaling) range easily over 30 miles at top speed, and up to 45+ miles with pedal assist at 20mph. The all-new QS213 motor peaks at 1800w and can carry most riders well past 30mph.

The Ultra Flex achieves a new level of comfort and performance with sport-tuned suspension and over-sized ZOOZ STICKY SWEET puncture resistant tires, lined with aramid fiber. 

The Ultra Flex has a 33.5" seat height, making the bike much more suitable for larger riders, but is ideal for riders from 5'7" to 6'5"

Ultra Flex 1200

The Ultra Flex takes the ZOOZ Ultra series to new levels of #versathrillity.

4130-Chromoly steel chassis and sport-tunable suspension brings a new level of comfort and performance beyond the tarmac.

ZOOZ debuts the all-new STICKY SWEET tire with Aramid lining to prevent punctures.

Zooz Max Speed
Zooz Ultra Flex Weight
Zooz Bike Expected Range
Zooz UF Motor


750W rated / 1800W Peak

52V Direct Drive

Zooz UF Battery


25aH (1300wH)

70-Cell: LG M50LT 14s5p

Full recharge: 6+ hours


Hydraulic Disc

Front 203 / Rear 203

Zooz UF Suspension

Rear Shocks

Adjustable pre-load and rebound.

Soft & Stiff Springs included.

Zooz UF Forks

Front Fork

Moto-style fork.

Adjustable compression and rebound.


Aramid lined, puncture resistant.

Superior grip on multiple surfaces.

Zooz UF 1200 Specs

customize your bike

Number Plate
UF Rear Rack
UF Front Rack
SURF RACK for ZOOZ BIKES by Moved By Bikes
Feel The Thrill T-Shirt
Vans x Cult Cruiser Grip by CULT CREW
UF Rear Rack
Inner Tube, 24x3.2
SURF RACK for ZOOZ BIKES by Moved By Bikes
Happy Can by Bikase
Faro Smart Helmet by UNIT 1
Happy Can with Bracket by Bikase
UF Front Rack
Urbanator Adjustable Panniers by Bikase Store

Customer Reviews

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ben dover
i love bikes

i love bike and this one is fast topping out a about 38 mph and it is very good bike not if you're in a asian rea though they will hit you with there car

Jonathan Polk League City Tx
OMG im in love with the UF1200

I love cool things, and as soon as I saw the ZOOZ bike line I knew I had to have one. This is the 3rd e-bike that I have owned plus an EScooter. Nothing has even come close to the UF1200. All I can say is wow! I'm glad I went ahead and bought the 1200, the shocks are so nice to have and it's just so quiet and smooth. It handles on the road like a crotch rocket! Everyone is asking me about it. My previous bikes were all out of China and warranty issues were terrible to deal with, especially with all the broken English emails. It's been 9 months and I'm still waiting on a controller from a previous bike that I will be getting rid of! Everything is just high quality and top-notch. The headlite and taillights for instance are just designed so well. I think for now im going to leave the fenders off as a style preference. If your on the fence about buying one, just do it!


Beautiful machine ⚡️

Brian Simmons
Mostly impressed...

Love the new UF1200, Mostly. Fit and finish are excellent and the ride is awesome!!

My first ride showed me how the fenders are fine for a tiny bit of road spray but let me tell you in Portland after a mile I went back home with thoughts on how to improve both fenders. The front fender needs to extend past the fork, this is a huge flaw and as soon as you go over 10 mph in wet you end up eating that wet right up over that stubby front fender. The rear fender looks great but my back was lined with mud road grime because of the distance the fender is from the tire. So I pretty much have to re engineer these fenders for the Pac NW, word of warning. I get many looks and the ride is great! Please work on some accessory fenders that address this issue. I Know Ft Worth doesnt have rain forests for a reason!
Also Make sure to tighten the crankset after a dozen or so miles, this isn't the fault of the great folks at Zooz but all new bikes will need break in adjustments so if you build this bike yourself, as I did, then make sure to make some checks/adjustments periodically and especially during the break in period.

Asa Domolky

It has been years since I was able to comfortably ride a bike due to a surgery that I had. My Zooz UF1200 has brought back all the joy and ease of bike riding. The suspension is so cushy and smooth, and I love the sticky-sweet tires. The motor has a lot of zip on it, too—even for my 230-pound-self.