About Us

Three Industry Nerds

A veteran product designer, an eccentric fabricator and a tenacious operations guru decided to embark on the exploration of a new mode for two wheels emerging somewhere between bicycle and motorcycle. With deep roots in motorcycling and adjacent industries, the Zooz project has attracted and activated a small army of doers and makers, creators and enablers with a unique twist of talent.





With something to say about electric

Rider Jumping with Urban Ultralight

It started during exploration of an electric two-wheeler in a rundown garage in Chicago. A couple Instagram posts later, a mutual motorcycling friend caught wind. A few conversations, sketches and Google documents later, a new vision/concept/application of a lightweight, electric two-wheeler was rendered. Two years later, Zooz reveals it's Urban Ultralight platform.






Prototyped their vision for over two years

Starting with the most elemental and evocative form of a bicycle, Zooz has created a super refined product over two years of user feedback, component testing, supply chain vetting, brand development, content creation and numerous design iterations.



With a little help from our friends, ZOOZ was born

Rider Jumping with Urban Ultralight

Zooz intends to contribute to a new chapter of the two-wheel saga, beginning with the Urban Ultralight platform. A re-introduction of fun and exploration; location independence and an activation of the senses through inertia.