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The Ultra Urban 750 is the original ZOOZ experience. Offering the best power-to-weight of the Ultra Urban lineup.

The UU750 features the 2023 version of the classic Ultra Urban frame, a torquey and lightweight, gear-style 48V  hub motor and a 16aH battery. At 55lbs, it's the lighter, sportier version of the Ultra Urban.

The 2023 model year features a signature ZOOZ headlight in the handlebar stem, 2-piece cranks with a 24mm chromoly spindle and as always, great hydraulic brakes.

•Top Speed: 25+ MPH
•Rated/Peak Power: 600w / 1200w
•Expected Range: 25-40 Miles
•Total Weight: 55 lbs
•Load Capacity: 250 lbs
•Seat Height: 30.5"
•Throttle: Yes
•Pedal Assist: Yes
•Motor: 48V Gear Drive
•Battery: 16aH/840Wh
•Cells: 18650 Li-ion
•Charge Time: 4 +/- hrs *completely empty to completely full.
•Frameset: 4130 Chromoly Steel Ultra Urban (Patented)
•Suspension: No
•Tires: CYCLOPS 24 x 2.4"
•Brakes: Hydraulic Disc F/180mm R/160mm
•Class: Class 2
•Set Speed: *All Zooz bikes ship limited to 20 MPH. Maximum speed limit can be adjusted in the display.

Ultra Urban 750

The Lightweight Sport Bike in the Ultra Urban lineup.

The Ultra Urban 750 is the original ZOOZ experience. Offering the best power-to-weight of the Ultra Urban lineup.

Zooz Max Speed
Zooz UU750 Weight
Zooz Expected Range
Zooz UU750 Motor


48V Gear Drive

 Zooz UU750 Battery




Hydraulic Disc F/180mm R/160mm

Zooz UU1100
Zooz UU750

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Number Plate
Vans x Cult Cruiser Grip by CULT CREW
Maxxis Hookworm 24x2.50"

2023 UU Rear Rack
Urbanator Adjustable Panniers by Bikase Store
SURF RACK for ZOOZ BIKES by Moved By Bikes
Vans x Cult Waffle Grip by CULT CREW
Dairyman Rear Basket Quick Release by Bikase
2023 UU Front Rack
Vans x Cult Cruiser Grip by CULT CREW
Faro Smart Helmet by UNIT 1
Urbanator Backpack Pannier Combo by Bikase
Standard Bottle Cages with COLORS by Bikase

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
James Woods
OK now we are having some fun!!

Nicely built, love the seat. Have had it up to 28+. So glad I decided on ZOOZ over "the other superxx guys", nice bike, minimal and stealthy.

John smith
Its great!!

Im 13 and i cant believe the capability this bmx has. I can do power wheelies from the get go, definitely consider buying but u guys should soften the seat a little thanks.

One of the best cheap e-bikes

This is one of the cheaper e-bikes and I still have a great time on it and goes faster than it really says really suggest getting one I live on a big hill and it gets me up there like nun and when there is no more bars still gives u 30 mins on it and I was in San Francisco with 2 bars left and was going up steep hills like nun with a friend holding on really get one of these

Scott Simmons
Treat yourself (if you know you know)

Do you ever want to just forget about life for a second and just PLAY? I did. This bike reminds me of a similar time when all I wanted was the wind in my face and the road ahead. Thank you ZOOZ. Scott


I met the ZOOZ guys at a motorcycle industry trade show a couple months ago. Turns out these guys are old-school BMX nerds just like me. That might explain why their ZOOZ frame looks like the Torker 24-inch cruiser I raced BITD. Anyway, we bonded instantly on that coincidence alone, and I ordered a ZOOZ 750 sight unseen. When it showed up two weeks later (impressive shipping!), I assembled it and charged up the battery for some fun.

While waiting for the juice to hit four green bars on the super intuitive battery tester, I poked around the specs. I worked for some pretty serious BMX brands over the decades—CW, Torker, GT, and Mongoose, to name a couple—so I know recognize high-quality mass production bicycle production and QC when I see it. The ZOOZ frame and fork are massively impressive. Symmetrical bends on the complex double top tubes; a really nice dropout shape on the frame and forks; super-clean TIG welded tube joints; and fantastic chrome finishing. Hell—even the simple four-bend BMX bars were comfortable right out of the box. No janky bends or weird crossbar positioning; good sweep, perfect rise for my 5’9” frame, and a really comfortable back sweep.

The rest of the spec package was equally impressive. I was especially blown away by the hydro disc brakes. Super powerful, no squeak, big rotors, and (thankfully) open-ended lever perch clamps so you can pull the levers without cutting off the grips. I’m a grease monkey kook, so I had to shorten the hydro lines 4” on both sides to clean up the cockpit, and I re-routed and buttoned down the exposed wiring on the cockpit. That being said, none of my OCD tweaks were needed, I just like to get my hands dirty when I work on something to make it mine.

The ZOOZ 750 is a Stage (Level?) 2 drivetrain, which I believe defines any eBIke with a 20mph max speed, pedal assist, AND an electric throttle (either thumb or twist type). After spinning some wrenches and toggling through the easy-to-operate digital dash, I went on my maiden eBIke voyage. After returning to my driveway to fine-tune lever location and straighten the bars on the steer tube, I realized my little shakedown ride was 7.5 miles! WTF? If I rode 7.5 miles on my city bike on the same loop I’d have been gone for an hour. It’s hilly around here, and I’m an old man. My point is, with the ZOOZ pedal assist set on 3 I scooted around town at 16mph… PLENTY fast enough for curb hoppin’ and bumper dodging in the Walmart parking lot. I can’t wait to take the ZOOZ down to the river bed where the tweakers live near my SoCal home. Lots of great trails in that area, and BMX trail kids have built some tabletops and rollers for tweakers to enjoy on their stolen Magna 10-speeds. I’m pretty sure my ZOOZ will eat them up.

To sum it up, my ZOOZ is the most fun you can have without a cell phone and a tub of Vaseline. I’m sold, and so is my wife and 13-year-old kid. I was gonna drag the old lady to New Zealand by cruise ship this December. Now it looks like I’ll be buying three more ZOOZ BIkes.

Thanks guys!